The Halter Breeders Group Australia was formed in July 2013. The aim of the group is to increase interest in and promote the Western Halter Horse showing and breeding in Australia.

Through an annual stallion service auction, stallion owners promote the industry by donating a service for auction. The proceeds of the auction go towards the Annual HBGA Futurity Show, Halter Clinics and the sponsorship of state based futurities in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia by way of additional prize money for winning progeny of nominated stallions.

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2017 Western Breeder's Congress Show

at AELEC in Tamworth, NSW
Has now concluded!

Another successful and enjoyable show!

Thank you to our visiting judges
Kathy Smallwood (USA)
Ron Stratton (USA)
Trisha Shorten Armstrong (USA)

Who after a rocky start (missing their flight) did a brilliant job! Thank you!

Souvenir programme (2.1mb PDF)

Preliminary results available

Day 1 results (Ranch, Trail, lungeline and HUS)
Day 2 results (HIH, Amateur halter, WP and Ltd Am)
Day 3 results (Showmanship, Futurities, Open halter)

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